US coal won't just be shipped through Canada

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One argument the Cherry Point proponents claim is that if we don't build the coal export terminal there the US coal will just be brought to Canada by train and shipped from there, meaning the coal trains come through WA anyway and we don't get any of the construction and terminal jobs.  Here is a great article refuting that argument.

Let's keep Skagit County food GMO free

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You can sign this petition to keep Skagit County free of genetically modified produce.

Mount Vernon Mayor to host meeting Feb 7th

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Mayor Jill Boudreau will be hosting a State of the City meeting on February 7th at 6:30pm at the Mount Vernon City Library.

Anti-coal meeting in Mount Vernon Nov 17th

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Thursday, November 17 ~ 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Room A-125
Mount Vernon Campus, Skagit Valley College

All parking areas are open to visitors after 5:00 p.m., wherever space is available. We will be in building A, shown on the campus map

6:00 - 6:30     Special presentation by photographer, Paul Anderson
6:30 - 7:00     Election outcomes and how they might affect the coal terminal proposal
                    Outreach groups report on activities
                    Whatcom realtors petition -- possible new outreach group for Skagit 
7:00              Group Write/Scoping
                    Mary Ruth & Phillip Holder will describe their idea to create a "letter from individuals" based on the business letter format to be used during the scoping process
                    More ways to be ready for scoping
                    Outreach groups meet together
                    Possible showing of Skagit Powerpoint (optional)

See you soon! Bring a friend and your ideas. Also feel free to bring a water bottle and personal snacks if you wish.

Anti-coal terminal mailing list announcement

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no_coal_400_blk.png   I've set up an email list for general discussion of the proposed Cherry Point coal export terminal.  Use this list to connect with others and stay up to date on local events, meetings, and petitions.  To join, send an email to and in the body of the email include "subscribe nocoal".
Wednesday, October 12

6:30 - 8:30 PM

Dome Room

Coal Facts for Community Boat Owners, Suppliers and Surface Water sportspersons.


Matt Krogh, M.S.

Is the North Sound Baykeeper at RE Sources for Sustainable Communities and an ecological analyst with a focus on energy, environment, and ethical issues.

Frank James, Md.

Is a family practice physician, public health officer for San Juan County, University of Washington School of Public Health faculty and member of Whatcom Docs.

Fred Felleman, M.S.

Is an environmental consultant. He has played a critical role in protecting Washington's waters and has fought to improve the state's oil spill prevention and response capabilities.

Meet together over refreshments to listen to the panelists, ask specific questions you may have about this project and your water activities, and discuss how the Gateway Pacific Terminal will impact your boating community.


"Boat owners have complained for years about the deposit of grimy coal dust on every surface of their boats" - Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance.

16,000 pounds of potatoes

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"We're going to break the Guinnes Book of World Records record for the largest pan of Potatoes au Gratin ever made on Saturday, September 24th.  16,000lbs of potatoes, 400lbs of cheese, 200 gallons of cream, 100lbs of onions and 50lbs of garlic will cook to creamy potato goodness in a custom fabricated pan on the reventment in downtown Mount Vernon."

Support local farms and healthy school food today 3:00-6:00pm

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The Skagit Valley Co-Op is hosting The Wesen Family Farm today from 3:00-6:00pm.

Come on down and support organic agriculture, local dairy and healthy school food.

Anti-coal Rally in Seattle Sept 15th

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This Thursday please join our friends from the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports and Puget Sound Sage at a rally to send a loud message to SSA Marine that we don't want their dirty coal.  As you know, SSA Marine has been working with Peabody Energy (world's largest coal company) to ship up to 50 million tons of coal to Asia through a proposed terminal in Whatcom County.    SSA Marine is a major sponsor and participant in the American Association of Port Authorities conference which is being held this week in Seattle.  This is our chance to tell SSA Marine that we don't want the pollution, congestion, and other impacts from shoveling coal off Washington's shorelines.
When: 11:30 a.m. Thursday, September 15
What:  Come with signs telling SSA Marine that we don't want their dirty coal, and we don't want to turn Washington into the nation's largest hub for coal export
This is a powerful opportunity to remind officials and opinion leaders across our state that Washingtonians don't want coal to be exported from our state.  We don't want the pollution to our air or our water, or 1 ½ mile trains tying up our rail lines and splitting our communities.
Mount Vernon City Council has posted a new agenda for September 7th.

The Mount Vernon City Council will hold an important meeting on Wednesday, September 7 at which it will hear presentations from the coal terminal applicant, SSA Marine, and Salish Land Policy Solutions, attorneys representing some concerned business and property owners in Whatcom County. Although the meeting will be a "study session" where the city council will not take public comment, it would be worthwhile to attend if possible.  The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at the Mount Vernon Police campus located at 1805 Continental Place.

While other cities along the rail line have expressed their concern about the coal terminal and trains, so far Mount Vernon has remained silent. The Mayor and various members of the City Council say they are waiting to hear from the applicant and Salish Land Policy Solutions. If you cannot attend, please e-mail the city officials letting them know you are concerned about impacts the coal terminal and associated coal trains will have on Mount Vernon and Skagit County. Urge them to speak up for Mount Vernon. We believe we will be able to make public comment before the City Council at a later meeting and will let you know when that can occur.                 

Thank you from Carolyn Gastellum for the update.