View Skagit County Assessor data on Google Maps

You can now view Skagit County Assessor data on a Google Map using any Google Maps supported device.

I had found the Skagit County Assessor's website to be a useful resource for identifying land ownership in Skagit County.  The website hosts an application called iMaps which contains a wealth of information, however it is only accessible through Internet Explorer running on Microsoft Windows.  Since I'm on a Mac this meant I had to start up a virtual machine every time I wanted to view the Assessor data.  I asked the Assessor's office for access to the data and after filling out a request form they sent me the directions on how to download it.
  My favorite database is Postgres and I knew that there was a project that added GIS capabilities to the standard distribution.  This package is called PostGIS.  After installing the requirements for that and compiling it into my Postgres installation I was able to import GIS information from the Assessor.
  This application runs in Tomcat and is written in Java.  I'm using Hibernate for persistence.  The Google Maps API makes it simple to combine your own application data with the familiarity of Google Maps.  I still have a lot I'd like to do with this application, but you can now click on any place in Skagit County and you'll get a popup information window telling you about that parcel.
  If you see a problem or have an idea for a feature you'd like me to add feel free to send me an email.

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